Dr. Raj Soni has pursued MD physician from Kursk State Medical University in 2012 with EXCELLENT GRADES (with honors) and currently is practicing as physician in various Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujrat, he is a part of Dr. Kamal Sharma's team senior interventional cardiologist also running full time OPD in his own clinic (RAJ POLYCLINIC). Working as a doctor, he has successfully operated on proper n less expensive treatment for more than 200 patients in all department in various hospitals at Ahmedabad.In 2009 , he got his authorization from Kursk State Medical University to work as adviser of foreign faculty (admission department) under TRANS RUSSIAN CO.SARL. Hard work is a key of success for his work. The difference which makes him unique is working as medical education consultant, he is full time doctor and focuses to make his career in cardiac department.



In 2009 he got authorization from university to work as a adviser of foreign faculty (admission department). Raj Education Consultant and is sole REPRESENTATIVE OF KSMU to recruit students from INDIA. The main aim of RAJ EDUCATION CONSULTANT is giving proper guidance to all students who are wishing to get admission in abroad and save them from greedy and cheater agents. We are providing the best opportunities, facility and amity to the students along with WORLD CLASS EDUCATION AND GLOBAL EXPOSURE at a very competitive cost and assisting them all towards the step to achieve their goals and make their dream true, after completion of course, if need, we do assist them to get placed. I strongly believe that is is undoubtedly a great opportunity to be a part of KSMU, hence you are most welcomed to join the team of highly qualified, expertise, and experienced skills known world wide professionals at the KURSK STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, KURSK, RUSSIA to craft and secure your bright future. Hence I wish you to be the part of KURSK STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, wishing you great luck.

My father dreamt of me being a doctor so that I serve people and hence I made that my passion. Though I faced many problems in order to achieve my goal but I successfully overcame them by working as a medical officer in a very prestigious Cardiac Hospital in Ahmedabad, very well known as Apex Heart Institute with Dr. Padma Shri, Dr, Tejas Patel where I learned a lot in field of cardiology like echocardiography angiography , angioplasty stenting valvuloplasty CABG TMT ECG and cardiac emergency. I am really thankful to apex institute and the Doctors for giving me this opportunity and helping me overcome the problems. I am also thankful to Dr. Soma Bose to give me an opportunity to be a part of Columbia Asia Hospital where I met many senior consultant who helped me in my medical cases. Hence I start RAJ POLYCLINIC in 2013 and feel very proud to work with excellent doctor and serve my patients and help them to save money and give proper guide in medical service.

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To provide the best opportunities, Facilities, Environment and amity to the students along with WORLD CLASS EDUCATION & GLOBAL EXPOSURE on very competitive cost and assisting at all the step to achieve their goal and make their dreams true.

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A genuine guide for medical education(MBBS/PG)by a doctor for be a doctor.


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We have good expirence in my career, We did a great job for up coming Doctors in India. We offers the best apportunities for study in Russia.