In order to continue with your admission process you should follow the following instructions; Medical program;

1.Duration of the studies is 6 years.

2.Tuition fees are fixed for the whole period of your study in the currency of US Dollars

I.Service Package Fees to include :Tuition fees and accommodation and other Services.

II.Tuition fees include other charges? 6200 US Dollars per academic year (medical insurance and accommodation included).

1. The accommodations provided are available of two type?s i.e. triple sitter or double sitter room, furnished.

2. Additional fees- 80 US Dollars one time. Includes the mentioned bellows: Documentation, filing, courier, and necessary translation according for the process requirement and nostrification of documents.

3. The students will be refunded 1200US Dollars per academic year if he forfeit his right to the Hostel bed and choose to rent on his expenses a private accommodation. The refund will be deducted from next year Service Package fee payment.

4.Any extra requirement in any subjects will be charged separately.

III.Payment schedule;

1. Successful applicants are to transfer 100%of the payment mentioned in (II.) to continue with their application before 1st of February 2016(for WINTER INTAKE) 1st of September 2016(for SUMMER INTAKE).

2. Applicants are to transfer the full amount of the payment mentioned in (II.) before receiving the Invitation Letter.

3. Students of Kursk State Medical University should transfer their annual tuition fees and accommodation fee before the beginning of each academic year to the official bank account of the representative.

IV. All fees and other expenses are to be transfer to Trans Russian Co sarl ( The representative of KSMU) official account;

By Bank Transfer :

Beneficiary name: Trans Russian Co SARL

Beneficiary address: Center yazbique, Barid Street, Mansouriet El Matin, Beirut, Lebanon.

Bank: Societe Generale De Banque Au Liban

Branch: Horch Tabet - Sin El Fil - Beirut- Lebanon.

IBAN: LB36 0019 0022 1004 3619 1010 5011 SWIFT: SGLILBBX

Or through Unipay: using the following link:

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