Admission process steps, Document list and our consultancy charge and services

Admission open for study in Russia 2017-18|Admission in KSMU Russia

RAJ EDUCATION CONSULTANT provide complete guidance to students at every step. Please check the below documents list for applying MBBS admission in KSMU Russia:

STEP 1:Completed online application through website

including full name, date of birth, passport number, citizenship, permanent address, contact phone and e-mail of applicant. W3Schools.

Copy of Passport, NOTE: The passport of applicant should be valid for the period of not less than 18 moths (1.5 years) from the moment of beginning of education.

Senior or secondary high school educational certificate, transcripts and supplementary materials. Supplementary materials must clearly show that applicant during school education time has passed successfully such mandatory subjects like Chemistry, Biology and Physics with the indication of the amount of educational hours and obtained final marks on these subjects and same for technical universities courses but subjects are Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

all document should be done HRD (verified n stamp should be done by human resourse development of state govt. ministry of education department).

1. Birth certificate (in english).

2. Physical health examination report.

3. HIV test results.

4. Eight photographs on matte paper (35x45 mm).

Age limit for applicants to higher educational establishments is 16-24 years. For post graduate candidates-35 years. For Doctoral Candidates-45 years.

STEP 2: Issuance of student visa (done by raj education consultant)

Upon receiving the invitation letter for study, the student should refer to the Embassy Consulate of the Russian Federation in his / her country in order to apply for a student visa. Usually the following documents are required:

1. Passport;

2. Completed application form (issued by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country);

3. 3 photographs (35x45cm);

4. Original of the invitation letter for study;

5. Original of negative HIV test results;

6. Certificate of complete higher secondary education;

STEP 3: Entry to Russia (Admission in Russia)

In order to enter the territory of the Russian Federation and to be admitted to university, a student should have the following documents:

Passport (valid for not less than 2 years);

Student entry visa;

Immigration Card (supplied during the flight or at the airport; it must be completed by the student and stamped by customs in the airport right after arrival in Russia);

Negative AIDS test result;

12 passport size black and white photographs in matt finish.

We Provide the following services to their students

Obtaining Confirmation Letter from University.

Obtaining Admission Letter from University.

Obtaining Invitation Letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation

Apostille Documents (Certificates) by the Ministry of External Affairs INDIA

Obtaining Visa from Russian Embassy including visa fee.

Air Ticket Delhi to Moscow.

guide n food in transport moscow to kursk

Immigration clearance for Travel to Russia

Receive the student on his/her first arrival to Russia

Registration In Russia

our consultancy charge is 225000 INR which provide you above services from day of start your admission process to your graduation and even after

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