My Career as Doctor

My mission as doctor is to bring healthcare of International standards within the reach of every individual. I am committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity" I am very fortunate that I attach with best consultants in each field of healthcare at ahmedabad. They all are my institute where I increases my medical knowledge I also thankful to my patients who have highly believe on me, because of their trust I had 100% success in my medical field. I running my personal OPD where I do conform diagnose, primary investigation(ecg, echo, blood test x-ray, usg, MRI and CT Scan) proper explain about cause treatment and prognosis of disease. I help them to choose best consultant n proper way of treatment. In each medical process of my patients I present there, I learn and assist in each process. Till now I had many medical surgery and medical process in the field of orthopedic, cardiology(angiography angioplasty EP study, valvuloplasty) cardio surgery(CABG) neurology, general surgery, nephrology urology, gastrology oncology and plastic surgery my aim is give proper treatment to my patients and reduce their extra expensive

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Our Mission

To provide the best opportunities, Facilities, Environment and amity to the students along with WORLD CLASS EDUCATION & GLOBAL EXPOSURE on very competitive cost and assisting at all the step to achieve their goal and make their dreams true.

Our Vision & Values

A genuine guide for medical education(MBBS/PG)by a doctor for be a doctor.


Professional Excellence, Trust, Quality Care, Innovation & Compassion

Our Experience

We have good expirence in my career, We did a great job for up coming Doctors in India. We offers the best apportunities for study in Russia.